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New website and catalogue

New website and catalogue

The most important news right now is our new website going online and a new catalogue. Our many loyal customers have been asking about this for a long time and all of us at Arelle are grateful for their patience! We are sure that the wait has been worth it. We have...

Washable or Disposable Incontinence Products?

Washable incontinence products can have great advantages over disposable products. Washable briefs are useful for managing long-term light to moderate incontinence for both men and women. Washable Bed Pads can be helpful in managing any level of incontinence. The main...

How to choose disposable incontinence pads

Your first thought might be that “the more it absorbs the better”. In fact an incontinence pad is carefully designed and, as in any technical product, its suitability depends on a range of factors.  High Absorbency is no substitute for a pad that does not perform well...