If you are a healthcare professional, we wanted to let you know about a free online training course which has been designed to help you gain a better understanding of continence care.

It has been created by continence product supplier Attends, who have worked closely with continence nurses to develop the Attends Elearning Professionals course accredited by the Royal College of Nurses.

The training has been designed to give a foundation of understanding to workers in healthcare settings. It is ideal for newly qualified or training nurses and helps as a refresher course for anyone that may encounter incontinence in their care. The objective is to promote excellence in continence care and is based on best practice guidance as a reference.

image of computer screen showing attends training course on screen

The complete course features 6 modules filled with examples and uses case studies to help you understand the symptoms, impacts and treatments of continence care, as well as testing your knowledge with case studies and interactive learning. A certificate is awarded on completion of all modules.

Attends Elearning is just one of the support tools provided by Attends. They also support NHS Trusts in both Acute and HDS settings, as well as pharmacy, wholesalers and caregivers, providing training to help healthcare professionals provide the best continence care to their patients.

Want to find out more? Visit their website or you can click here to register online and download our app on the App Store & Google Play Store.