When it comes to choosing the right incontinence pad, you really don’t want to waste time or money on buying the wrong one. But more importantly, you don’t want to be let down by a pad that is the wrong absorbency or fit for you.

We understand that you want to have complete confidence in the disposable pad that you do buy – so how do you know you are choosing the right one?

Read on for our advice on how to select which is the right pad for you:

The right pad for the right flow
It might seem obvious, but choosing the right pad for the right flow is where most people go wrong. It’s important to choose the right level of protection. If you have occasional leaks, choose pads that are suitable for a smaller volume of liquid. If you have partial or uncontrollable bladder or bowel movements, then choose pads which hold more volume. And for times when you might not be able to change your pad so frequently, such as overnight, you might want to choose a pad with higher absorbency. Our catalogue and website labels products from 1 to 6 – 1 being for a light flow and 6 for complete loss of bowel control – and signposts you to the most suitable products.

Quality v economy
A high quality pad will absorb liquid quickly – and this is important if you experience a sudden rush or leak. A high quality pad will then hold onto the liquid, so when you move or put pressure on the pad, it won’t escape from the sides and you will feel more secure as a result. Better quality pads will be more comfortable, and should be shaped to fit you snugly. The materials will be higher in quality as well, preventing odour or soreness, and ideally will be breathable and latex-free. In all aspects, cheaper pads will not perform as well.

Fit and features
To ensure the pad works as well as it can, wearing the correct underwear is really important as this aids correct fitting. The best underwear for the job is close fitting – and this is where fixation or stretch pants are helpful. Compared to usual underwear, these pants have a wider gusset area and far more elasticity.  This supports the pad, make it fit snugly, and secures against leakage, as well as improving efficiency and reducing the number of pads required.

The sort of features you might find useful with a pad include:
– Gender specific – different fits for men and women
– Odour control – unique technology for handling odour
– Wetness indicator  – which discreetly alerts you to change your pad
– Moisture wicking – all absorbent products will feature some kind of technology that works to pull, or “wick,” moisture away from the body in order to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

If you need advice about choosing the right incontinence pad such as those offered on our website, please do get in touch. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or concerned about – we would much rather you chat to us about purchasing the right product (we can even send you a free sample!) rather than you waste money and energy on buying something that simply isn’t right for you. Call us on 0800 389 3597 or email info@arelle.com