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You spend a large part of your life in contact with a mattress, so it is worth investing in a good one. A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of one of your most valuable household items. It will also protect against mites and microbes that can cause allergic reactions. Obviously mattress protection is even more important for those who may experience incontinence.

Main types

A waterproof mattress protector usually has elasticated sides or corners to hold it in place. These protectors cover the top and sides of the mattress, while envelope designs cover the whole mattress. There are wide variations in quality (and price), mainly due to the different materials used. Here’s a summary of the main two types of mattress protector:

1. PVC mattress protectors

PVC mattress protectors are cheap and they protect well. They also have several drawbacks, which make them less suitable for long-term use. They can feel cold at first but after some time may cause overheating as sweat cannot evaporate through the material. PVC mattress protectors are slippery so bottom sheets or mattress toppers need to be secured well. Low quality protectors can deteriorate over time and crack or split. Just make sure the PVC material is thick enough to resist this.Good quality PVC mattress protectors cost about £10 for a single and £12 for a double.

If you opt for an envelope design that covers the whole mattress it is likely to made of PVC. Envelope designs are likely to cost a few pounds more.

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2. Breathable mattress protectors

Breathable waterproof fabrics are not just used for outdoor clothing. They are ideal for mattress protectors as liquid cannot pass through but water vapour can leave the mattress.

Generally, breathable mattress protectors are a lot more comfortable than non-breathable options. They feel softer than PVC and because your sweat can evaporate, you stay cooler and sleep better. The bottom sheet is alos less likely to ruck and become uncomfortable.

Breathable mattress protectors should last longer than PVC, and as they are lighter and take up less space, they are ideal to take with you when you are away from home.

The only downside of these protectors is the cost, about £24 for a single up to £32 for a king size. Considering the proportion of your life that you spend in bed this is still not much for nights or comfortable and secure sleep.

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Cleaning mattress protectors

They are best cleaned by wiping with a damp disinfectant cloth. They can be machine washed but normally this shouldn’t be needed. Just don’t put them into a hot tumble drier!

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