Over three million men in the UK experience incontinence*, and almost 90% of men who reach their 70s will have suffered bladder weakness at some point. Consequently there are now many specialist incontinence products for men, providing discreet, absorbent and comfortable support. Here is our advice on choosing a product which is right for you:

Generally speaking, you have two options – pads or pants.

Male incontinence pads are very popular as they as they are discreet and easy to buy. Men sometimes prefer pads to pants, because they are easy to remove and feel more natural than pull up pants. The pads we recommend are designed especially for the male anatomy and our customers tell us that they offer an excellent fit, allowing free movement, which is ideal if you are active.

And of course pads can be worn within your own snug fitting underwear or with stretch pants for extra security.

What to look for in male incontinence pads:
– A top sheet incorporating stay dry technology to keep you dry and promote skin health
– An inner core with a channel system to provide fast dispersion of liquid
– An outer layer of soft, breathable fabric
– Leakage barriers and odour control for your comfort and confidence
– An adhesive strip to hold the pad securely within close fitting underwear (although pads can be worn without fixing adhesive strips if this is more comfortable to you).

For this reason we stock Abena’s Abri-Man Premium – which are ideal for light to moderate incontinence, with 14 pads to a pack, or you can buy a case of 12 packs for significant savings on pack price. For added security, we recommend Aberna’s Abri-Fix Man  – washable stretch pants shaped to fit the male anatomy and keep pads securely in place.

Male incontinence pants are designed like normal underwear with an elastic waistband and a discreet brief cut. Men often choose these because they have a more modern look and feel, with a flexible fit to stay secure during everyday activities. With pants, you also have the option of disposable or washable products, depending on which suit your lifestyle and condition.

What to look for in male disposable incontinence pants:
– A cotton-like fabric which is soft and breathable, noiseless and provides a discreet fit
– A boosted dual absorbent core that quickly locks in leaks, positioned where men need it most
– Odour control for your increased confidence.

What to look for in male washable incontinence pants:
– Built in pad with fly opening for ease of use
– Good close fit
– Made of high quality materials (poly/cotton and elastic) for better durability.

Some of the specialist products we stock and find that are popular with our customers include Tena Incontinence Pants for Men and our own UK made washable incontinence pants for men – click through the links to find out more.

There are, of course, lots of different options depending on your needs – a range of shaped pads, as well as all-in-one pads which are better for moderate to severe incontinence.

If you would prefer some tailored advice on finding the right product for you, that’s exactly what we are here for. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 389 3597 or drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.

*NHS England 2018