Lady in wheelchair with dog


Arelle specialises in helping those affected by incontinence.

We like to think that we provide confidence to carry on life in a normal way.

Now Covid-19 has made that more difficult, so we have selected a range of products which are ‘Good2Go’ – and that will make you feel more secure if you need to visit public conveniences or even facilities in other people’s homes.

Shared toilets have many potential hazards – particularly when it comes to surfaces. Door handles, toilet seats, flushes, taps and soap dispensers are being touched by any number of people passing through these areas.

Whether it’s our brilliant value Good2Go toilet pack, unisex urinal, wet wipes, dry wipes or disposable gloves – you can use them at home, but don’t forget to take them with you when you are out and you will always be Good2Go!