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Incontinence Bed Sheets

Arelle’s bed and seat protection range of washable and disposable products provides you with extra security and confidence.

The performance and convenience of disposable incontinence bed pads make them a bestseller, whilst the washable incontinence bed pads are an effective, environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative for long-term use.

Our incontinence mattress covers offer a choice of materials and designs. Fully waterproof, easy to clean with the extra benefit of dust mite protection. The Deluxe range is UK made, breathable and super soft. The Economy protection is made of strong PVC and offers excellent value. We also offer an envelope design which covers the entire mattress.

And when seated, Arelle incontinence chair pads offer discreet protection in a variety of situations such as chairs, cars and wheelchairs.

Incontinence bed and chair pads are available in packs, saving you money and ensures that you always have one ready to use.