Abena Abri-Fix Leaf Pants

Snug fitting comfort and security

A pack of three comfortable, high specification stretch pants for holding disposable pads and disposable briefs snugly in place. This makes them more effective. Made of breathable microfibre. Can be washed at least 100 times.

from: £8.55



Washable stretch pants with legs

These quality washable stretch pants with legs hold disposable pads in snugly in place. This makes the pads work better. They also provide comfort and security. Washable stretch pants with legs are suitable for men and women. You can see from the sizings how stretchy these briefs are. To find the correct size we recommend that men use a waist measurement and that ladies use a hip measurement. Then choose the brief which places your size nearest to the middle of the brief’s range of sizes.


  • Made of breathable micro-fibre
  • Shaped to make a comfortable close fit
  • Seamless to prevent pressure marks and skin irritation
  • Wider gusset and extra elasticity to support the pad in the best possible way and to offer optimum security against leakage
  • If you choose, you can wear normal underwear over this brief
  • Wash these pants over 100 times without losing their effectiveness, but do not tumble dry as this can affect the elasticity.



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