Abena Abri-Fix Net Pants

Comfort and security. Wash up to 25 times.

Perfect for holding disposable pads and disposable briefs in place for comfort and security. Sizes from small to 5XL

from: £4.80



Semi-disposable net stretch pants

Semi-disposable net stretch pants hold disposable pads snugly in place, so the pads work better. These pants will also improve the performance of pull-up pants. The fit provides comfort and security, and if you prefer, you can wear your normal underwear over these briefs. To find the best size for you, men should use a waist measurement and ladies should use a hip measurement. Then choose the brief which places your size nearest to the middle of the pant’s range of sizes.


  • Wider gusset compared to conventional underwear
  • Contain large numbers of elastic threads which make them far more stretchy
  • Can be washed up to 25 times before they should be replaced
  • They should not be tumble-dried, as this reduces the elasticity
  • For sizes up to XXL we supply packs of ten pants
  • For sizes over XXL we supply packs of three pants.

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