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Shaped incontinence pads

High Specification Shaped Incontinence Pads.

Suitable for almost all levels of incontinence and for men and women. Super soft textile-like backsheet ensures comfort and healthier skin. Absorption is rapid and the risk of leakage is further reduced by barriers that extend to the edge of the pad. Elastication and an adhesive strip provides a snug fit but all pads are more effective when held in place by stretch briefs.

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Shaped incontinence pads

These pads are an effective way to manage a wide range of incontinence issues. The range includes a pad specifically designed to manage faecal incontinence. They are suitable for both men and women. As with most disposable incontinence pads we recommend that you also wear stretch briefs. These give you confidence because they hold the pad in place and make it more effective.


Arelle has selected these pads from the Abri-San range made by Abena. This Danish company is known for the quality of its products and high environmental standards.

All our shaped incontinence pads have a super soft textile-like backsheet. This makes the pad noiseless and discreet. It also ensures your comfort and keeps your skin healthier. The pads absorb quickly so your skin stays drier and the risk of leakage is reduced. More anti-leakage barriers extend to the edge of the pad. Every pad contains latex-free elastication to ensure a snug fit. Other barriers reduce the risk of odours. The Abri-San Special pad is specially shaped to assist in the management of faecal incontinence.

Abri-San 1 to 4 can be fixed in place using a self-adhesive strip on the back of the pad. This is optional and we recommend that all shaped pads are held in place by stretch briefs. The smallest sizes are individually wrapped so you can carry them around discreetly.

How to choose your shaped incontinence pads

Our range of shaped incontinence pads allows most types of incontinence to be managed effectively in both men and women.  Higher product numbers have greater absorbency but this does not mean they are “better”. A higher absorbency may be useful at night. If you are not sure which one is right for you, read our “What product do I need” section or call us free on 0800 389 3597 for advice.

Arelle also offers a two sizes of shaped pads for larger users and a shaped pad specially for men affected by light to moderate incontinence.  For ease of use you may want to consider our range of high quality pull-up pants or all-in-ones pads.


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