Incontinence bedding

Waterproof duvets, pillows and mattress

Lightweight breathable duvets, pillows and mattress that are completely waterproof yet soft and warm. Easy to clean with water and mild detergent.

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Incontinence bedding

The Arelle range of waterproof incontinence bedding includes lightweight, breathable duvets and pillows. These items are completely waterproof yet soft and warm. The duvet is available in two sizes – single and double. The bedding featured here needs no additional protection. We also have a waterproof mattress in a standard single bed size.


  • Duvets and pillows are filled with fibres for maximum softness and warmth
  • Outer material is made of fabric with a polyurethane coating
  • Waterproof, breathable and resilient, with a fabric feel
  • Noiseless and as comfortable as standard bedding while protecting from spills and stains
  • No need to launder this bedding – all it needs is a wipe over with water and mild detergent
  • Light and easy to move and turn
  • Hypoallergenic.

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