Personal odour eliminator spray

Carry anywhere

This handy spray eliminates unpleasant odour. It’s small enough to be carried anywhere and is very effective.

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Personal odour eliminator spray

This handy personal odour eliminator spray destroys unpleasant odours. The spray works by reacting with the chemicals that cause the smell to make a new compound that the nose can’t detect. Cheaper sprays simply mask the unpleasant smell with an even stronger fragrance. This spray also destroys the bacteria that cause the odours.


  • Small enough to be discreet
  • Gentle lemon and lime scent
  • 60ml spray or available as a pack of three sprays, for one at home, one in your bag and one in the car.

Do not spray onto skin – spray directly onto pads or soiled surfaces – and avoid contact with eyes and mouth.


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