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Rectangular incontinence pad

Use when a little extra protection is required

A rectangular incontinence pad with waterproof, textile-like backing is an alternative to shaped pads for light incontinence. The pad without waterproof backing is ideal as a booster when used with other pads. Both can be used to protect against faecal smearing. Available in pack of 28 or a case of 252 pads.

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Rectangular incontinence pad

This rectangular incontinence pad is available in two types – Abri-Let normal and Abri-Let mini – and can be a suitable alternative to a shaped product and is intended for light urinary incontinence. They can also be useful when faecal smearing is a problem.


Abri-let mini has a waterproof, textile-like backing and features an adhesive strip that allows this product to be secured in normal underwear. The pad measures 14 x 39cm.

Abri-Let normal doesn’t have a waterproof backsheet or adhesive strip making this an ideal booster pad, when extra protection is required.This pad measures 11 x 39cm.

Both pads feature a soft, ultra thin core which will rapidly absorb 500ml; however these pads do not contain the ‘stay dry’ technology featured in our premium shaped products.

How to choose your rectangular incontinence pad

Your choice of these pads will depend on how it is to be used. Choose Abri-Let normal to use as a booster with other products or to protect against faecal smearing. Abri-Let mini is designed for use on its own. If you prefer a more anatomically shaped pad or one with a stay dry top sheet try our range of shaped pads. With all pads we recommend the use of close-fitting underwear and we have a range of pants to suit most needs.


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