Mild body wash

Soap for shower and bath suitable for sensitive skin

Mild soap for all skin types including sensitive skin affected by incontinence. Contains mild, active ingredients and nourishing components that prevent the skin from drying out. Easy to rinse off leaving no irritation. Lightly perfumed.



Shower and bathing soap

This mild body wash is ideal for normal skin, exposed skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. It contains nourishing components which prevent the skin from drying out. The pH value is adjusted to make this soap suitable for sensitive skin. Easy to rinse off leaving no irritation, it is only lightly perfumed.


  • Gently foaming all round product
  • Contains only mild, active ingredients
  • Contains nourishing components
  • Skin neutral pH
  • Manufactured by the Danish company Abena to exacting skin care and environmental standards.

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