disposable shaped incontinence pads

All of our shaped incontinence pads are Abri-San by Abena, and are designed for all degrees of incontinence.

Abri-San is a complete range of anatomically shaped incontinence pads, available in 14 different absorbency levels meeting every individual need, providing improved quality of care and more effective planning and cost control.

A super soft textile-like backsheet ensures comfort and healthier skin. Absorption is rapid and the risk of leakage is further reduced by barriers that extend to the edge of the pad. Elastication and an adhesive strip provides a snug fit.

If you would rather not use a fitted pad, then you might consider Abri-Let rectangular insert pads, which are equally useful when a little extra protection is required.

As with most disposable incontinence pads we recommend that you also wear stretch briefs. These give you added confidence because they hold the pad in place, making it more effective.