As the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns continue to impact our everyday lives, it’s no overstatement to say this is one of the most challenging times we have all known. Now, more than ever, it’s evident that we need to continue to support each other, our local communities and small businesses as much as possible.

But at times when we have to limit our visits to the supermarket or high street, it’s easy to turn to the big online brands – often because of convenience, and sometimes because of price. The reality is however, that many small businesses will simply not survive this difficult time without the support of their customers.

Arelle’s MD Ruth Lederman explains:

“As a small, family-run business, we’ve always had to work really hard to compete against the online giants. We do it by focusing on the best products and service – rather than stocking everything and anything, we carefully research and only then buy and supply products which we believe really work for our customers, and we listen to customer feedback to make sure that is the case. And, of course, we offer one-to-one advice to our customers, so we can help them make sure they buy the product that is right for them, and that they have 100% confidence in using.

“Being able to talk to someone on the end of the phone has been even more important to our customers during the pandemic. Many of them are are elderly and living alone, so talking with us might be one of the only conversations they have that day. And naturally, many people are feeling isolated and worried about the future, so we are more than happy to take a bit more time connecting with them and helping with their product choice.

“Of course, what we’d love to see is more people thinking carefully about which businesses they support during these tricky times. We know it’s not easy, especially when times are tight, but buying from a small business makes an incredible difference to the business owners and their team – every customer is truly valued by us.

“So we’d really like to take this opportunity to say thanks to our loyal customers. We certainly wouldn’t be here without you!”

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Did you know there are other ways you can support a small business?

  • Following them on social media is a great way on increasing their profile – and if you like, love or share a few of their posts, that’s even better! (We’re on Facebook and Twitter!)
  • If you have used their product or service and thought it was great, then why not let them know – or one step better – leave an online review? It really is super helpful! (You can review us on Google!)
  • Recommend them to a friend – the best compliment you can give!
  • Subscribe to their email list – and you might even find you will be sent a discount or special offer! (You can sign up on the foot of our website homepage!)

So while you may not always be able to make a purchase, there are several ways to support small businesses without spending a penny (no pun intended!). Sometimes the best support can be free; spreading awareness helps bring new customers into a business, which can be just as valuable in the long run.