If you’ve ever bought incontinence bedding and mattress protection, you will know that there is a huge range of products to choose from. Although the products may differ slightly in terms of protection, quality and cost, all have the same aim of reducing mattress damage and excessive laundry. Read on for our top tips for choosing the products which are right for you:

Waterproof mattress protectors explained:

As we all spend a large part of our life sleeping, it’s certainly worth investing in a good, comfortable and supportive mattress.  Since a good mattress can cost between £500 and £3000*, it’s definitely worth looking after it! A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of your mattress and some will also protect against mites and microbes that can cause allergic reactions. And bedding and mattress protection is even more important for those who may experience incontinence.

  • Choosing a PVC mattress protector

Generally, PVC mattress protectors offer good protection and are relatively cheap. A “good quality” PVC protector should last well if treated correctly. It should be flame retardant and easy to care for, as you simply wash or wipe it down with disinfectant solution.

However, there are also some negatives: while they can feel cold at first, after some time PVC mattress protectors can cause overheating. as sweat cannot evaporate through the material. Also, they are somewhat slippery, so you need to carefully secure any bottom sheets or mattress toppers.

It’s worth knowing that low quality PVC mattress protectors will deteriorate over time, so we advise that it’s worth purchasing a strong, high quality protector. You can view these products on our website, and we refer to them as our ‘Economy’ range, with prices of just £9.95 for a single or £11.95 for a double.

  • Choosing a breathable mattress protector

A breathable mattress protector is a lot more comfortable than a non-breathable one. They feel softer than PVC, are noiseless, and because your sweat can evaporate, you stay cooler and sleep better. The bottom sheet is also less likely to move about. They will protect against dust mites and can be washed at temperatures up to 60°, although you can also wipe over them with a damp cloth.

Breathable mattress protectors should last longer than PVC, and as they are lighter and take up less space, they are ideal to take with you when you are away from home.

These protectors are more expensive than their PVC counterpart. Our breathable mattress protectors feature high quality coated material and sizes to fit almost any bed. We call this the Deluxe range, and prices are £23.50 for a single and £29 for a double.

Photo showing a Deluxe Waterproof Mattress protector fitted correctly.

  • Other tips for choosing your mattress protector

You can buy a mattress protector with elasticated sides, or one in an envelope design, which offers extra protection by enclosing the whole mattress. And if you decide to machine wash your protector, just remember not to put it in the tumble dryer!

Bed pads explained:

Bed pads are an essential item as a part of managing of incontinence or leakage from catheters. They are a square or a rectangle of absorbent material which is placed under the affected person to absorb small to severe accidents. They come in different sizes and can be washable or disposable.

  • Choosing washable bed pads

Washable incontinence bed pads usually absorb more than disposables. Some washable pads have tuck-in flaps, which help to hold the pad in place. It is best to buy at least three – one in use, one in the wash and one ready. The initial expense is more, but if you use them for a long time they become more cost effective and are better for the environment.

You have to be able to wash and dry them but a cool wash and tumble dry is sufficient.

We offer washable incontinence bed pads with and without tuck-in flaps, and in two sizes. They are made from polyester fabric on top with a viscose felt padding within – this has rapid absorption qualities. The bottom fabric is waterproof and helps to keep the pad in place. They should be laid above the sheet, and the special backing holds the pad in place without it creasing or becoming uncomfortable. Depending on your condition you can use Arelle bed pads without body-worn pads, which can help to prevent skin problems. Prices start at £17.95.

Washable bed pads

  • Choosing disposable bed pads

Disposable incontinence bed pads are popular because they are convenient and relatively cheap. Some customers use them as changing pads or when changing a baby’s nappy when on the move, or to line pet beds, clean oil spills or in any situation that absorption is a priority.

However, there is often a great variation in quality, so it’s always worth getting some samples to try first. And as with any disposable product, they quickly fill up your bin and landfill sites.

We offer disposable incontinence bed pads in two sizes and two absorbencies. The larger size is available with tuck-in flaps. As a guide, a pack of 25 pads costs £7.90, but all disposable pads are available in cases of 4 packs, offering considerable savings on the pack price.

Image of a disposable incontinence bed pad

  • Other tips for choosing bed pads

To avoid soreness all bed pads should be changed as soon as possible after they have been soiled. For extra security, you can wear absorbent pads or briefs in conjunction with bed pads.

Waterproof duvets, pillows and mattresses explained

These lightweight items are soft and warm, yet completely waterproof  and easy to clean with water and mild detergent.

A picture of waterproof bedding - a duvet and pillow

In our own range, the duvets and pillows are filled with fibres and the outer material is made of fabric with a polyurethane coating. As well as being hypoallergenic, it is waterproof, breathable and resilient, with a fabric feel. It is, therefore, noiseless and as comfortable as standard bedding while protecting from spills and stains. No additional protection is needed when using this bedding. All this bedding is hypoallergenic.

Our duvet is available in two sizes – single and double. We also have a waterproof mattress in a standard single bed size.

We also offer waterproof duvet and pillow covers should this be a better option for you.


Choosing the right incontinence bedding and mattress protection for you or your family shouldn’t be confusing, but we know it can be. Please do call us for any advice you might need – that’s what we are here for!

*Average cost of a mattress 2020