Washable incontinence products can have great advantages over disposable products!

Washable briefs are useful for managing long-term light to moderate incontinence for both men and women. Washable bed pads can be helpful in managing any level of incontinence.

The main benefits of using washable briefs are;

  • They are comfortable and dignified. They look like standard underwear and are made of similar materials. Arelle briefs are made of a polyester/cotton mix with lycra to keep a snug fit. Also they are made in the UK.
  • They are cost-effective. Good quality washable briefs will last for least 100 washes. In the same time you may have used hundreds of disposable pull-up pants or smaller shaped pads. Even allowing for the cost of washing the briefs, the savings in product and delivery charges are significant.
  • There is less to store and throw away. Disposable products take up a lot of space in your cupboard and in the bin. If you regularly have to dispose of any quantity of soiled products you should inform your local authority waste disposal service. Many disposable pads are incinerated instead of going into landfill but dealing with incontinence products is an increasing part of our local councils’ responsibilities.

Washable bed pads match or exceed the performance of disposable equivalents and have all the same advantages of comfort, cost saving and zero waste. Over a year, using Arelle washable bed pads will save you £80 in product and carriage costs compared to equivalent disposable products.

The limitations of washable products:

There are a couple! The absorbency of washable briefs will never be able to match larger disposable products so they are only suitable for light to moderate incontinence. Washing the briefs and bed pads has to be a daily task. Modern washing powders are really effective so you can wash them at 50C. They can be tumble dried but you should not iron them.

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