If your idea of disposable pull up incontinence pants is something bulky, uncomfortable and obvious, it’s time to think again. The style, quality and performance of this type of product have improved dramatically in recent years, which is fantastic news for customers. It also means that disposable pull up incontinence pants are now Arelle’s best-selling product.

Their popularity can be attributed to many reasons:

  • They are more like ‘normal’ underwear
  • They are easy to put on and remove
  • The fit is snug, close and comfortable
  • The material is soft, comfortable and breathable
  • The elasticated waist and legs provide extra security
  • The built in pad gives extra confidence
  • They are quiet and discreet, with no rustling or noise during use
  • There is a wide choice of sizes and absorbencies.

But probably the number one benefit our customers report is that they feel that the discreet style of pull ups enables them to manage their incontinence in a more dignified manner – which is great progress from years gone by!

Mother and daughter exercising Grandad enjoying a cup of tea with daughter

So if these things are important to you, then disposable pull ups might be an excellent choice. Choosing the right brand of product depends very much on your personal preferences and the severity of your incontinence. Here is our advice based on the products we stock – and remember, we only stock products which we think really work!:

Consider the product features:

What does the product offer you in terms of material, manufacture and any additional features? After much research, our favourite pull-ups have been selected from the superb Abri-Flex range from Abena. These pants have a higher number of elastic threads than equivalent products on the market, providing a great fit and comfort. They also have an extremely soft breathable backing which covers the entire pad, not just the absorption area.

Also of benefit, it that these incontinence pull-ups have a unique 3D DualCore® that ensures absorption precisely where needed. Finally, they are equipped with a new and improved Top Dry system to keep you super dry and provides a thin, snug and discreet fit.

Consider the sizing options:

Does the product offer your size?  There are six sizes in the Abri-Flex range, from XS right through to XXL, but as the pants are very stretchy, each size accommodates a wide range. To ensure that you choose the correct size, we recommend that ladies measure hip sizes and men measure waist sizes.

If you are choosing from our Tena range, in Tena Lady range we offer two sizes (M and L), and the Tena Mens is a one size only – (waist measurement of 30” – 39”).

Consider the absorbency level:

What absorbency level do you need? Our Abri-Flex range has different products from moderate absorbency through to very severe absorbency, while the Tena pants are designed for lighter absorbency.

If your incontinence changes and you find that your existing pull ups are not effective enough, instead of buying new ones, you could always use them with a booster pad.  Have a look at our range here.

Consider your mobility:

How mobile are you? Pull up pants are generally designed for someone who is mobile. You step into and out of the pants as you would with ‘normal’ underwear,  but they can be ripped down the sides for easy removal if needed.

As always, if you need any help or advice, that’s what we are here for. And if you’d like A FREE SAMPLE – we can arrange that! Call us on 0800 389 3597 or email us at sales@arelle.com (we will email you back to ask a few questions about your needs).