At Arelle, we value service and quality above all else.  We talk to our customers on a regular basis and we know that offering multiple brands which all do much the same thing can be confusing.  We understand that above all, our customers need to have complete confidence in the products they purchase. That was Arelle’s purpose 20 years ago and it continues today. 

When Arelle started, we recognised that it would be much easier to offer a more established brand to our customers. However at the same time, we became aware of Danish company Abena, as it started to introduce its products to the UK market. We were thoroughly impressed by the quality and attention to detail of Abena’s products, and Arelle has offered a wide range of Abena products ever since.

Who is Abena?

Abena is a family owned company, established in 1953, and is well-known throughout Europe as a manufacturer of quality products. We particularly like its friendly culture and responsibly ethical attitude. Abena also offers us expert industry knowledge and it is always researching new solutions to some of the challenges caused by incontinence. One example is the recent improvements to pull-up pants, which now make them the preferred choice of many customers.  And like us, Abena recognises the importance of a complete service for our customers  – so we now offer skincare and other protection products, manufactured by Abena to the same high standards.

Sustainable products and solutions

Our customers also appreciate Abena’s commitment to high environmental principles. Despite making a number of disposable products, Abena has made huge developments towards minimising the use of raw materials. The production plant in Denmark is powered by 100% renewable energy, and 86.4% of all waste is recycled. As its products are less harmful to the environment and contain no materials that could potentially cause irritation or damage to the skin, it was the first manufacturer of incontinence products to be accredited by the Nordic Eco-Label.

Abena production HQ

As you can see, we are delighted with the relationship we have with Abena – by working with a supplier that shares our high quality standards, we can ensure that our customers receive products that really work. That is satisfying for us and good for our business.

If you have any feedback about their products, we’d love to hear from you.